Author Topic: When are calculated results marked as invalid?  (Read 1933 times)


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When are calculated results marked as invalid?
« on: January 09, 2015, 11:21:10 AM »
Calculated results (both contours and receivers) are stored in the database with a validity indicator.  If a change is made to a property of any geographical object within a tile containing a calculated result, those results will be marked as 'invalid'. If the change is in any of the tiles within the calculation 'surround' of the results, again the result will be marked invalid.  However, if the change is to non-geographical objects, such as traffic flows or site activities, the calculations are not marked as invalid. When undertaking calculations, you can choose whether or not to Recalculate Valid Results. This can prevent time being spent on unnecessary recalculations.  However, if you have made a change to a traffic flow or an activity, you will need to recalculate even if the results were not invalidated.

Note that when you download a result, the full calculation details are shown, including the date and time, the tile surround and the calculation parameters. So as long as you keep a record of what changes you have made to the model, you can judge whether a recalculation is needed.  NoiseMap does not store a log of all the editing you do, but the NoiseMap Output/Results screen does log major operations on the model and can be manually saved as a record from File>Save As.

Note also that the calculation details also include the name of the computer, dongle (licence), version of NoiseMap and number of calculation engines used, which could be helpful in event of any problems with the results.