Author Topic: Conflict in results between two scenarios with almost the same traffic flows  (Read 1755 times)


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This could arise in many ways.  We suggest using view as colour to check all the road parameters, such as road surface types, gradients, hard/soft ground.  Then perhaps draw a cross-section between the road and the receiver giving the problem, one for each scenario, and check the ground and receiver heights. These should be consistent in both scenarios.

Also, check the output screen for warning messages.  If you find a lot of messages about contours crossing the road, this suggests that the ground model could do with simplification.  Delete any contours within the road boundary.  There is a specific function for this: Edit>Segment tools>Delete contours from segments.

Remember that ground contours are regarded as potential barriers.  Due to modelling approximations, they could potentially be slightly above road surface and could cause noise screening, which is why NoiseMap warns you about them.