Author Topic: I'd like to be able to label noise sources with the noise contribution they give  (Read 1859 times)


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You probably know that if you select one receiver and then execute the function Calculate>Show Source Contribution, this will colour each source (road segment, rail track or working location) according to the contribution that each source makes at the selected receiver.  You can change the view-as-colour range to home in on the actual noise level, but you can't label the source with the noise level.

But there is another way of doing it.  Choose the receiver you're interested in and then go to Calculate>Selected Receivers, choose the calculation method and select one line per segment output.  You will get a one line summary of the calculation of noise at the selected receiver for each source.   The beauty of this approach is that you will get the contribution of each activity (if you're doing SiteNoise) and also a list of all the corrections.  This can help you to check on the details of each contribution and might help you to find errors.