Author Topic: SiteNoise - Best to adjust the % ontime in Activity manager or at the workings?  (Read 2105 times)


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You can set the % on-time of an activity either at the workings or in the Activity Manager, so which is best?

It is important to remember that if you have a number of scenarios, the properties of child scenarios are inherited from the parents, and this includes the activities.  However, if you make a change in a child scenario, this usually breaks the inheritance from the parent.

In the case of Activities,  although there is only one list of activities in SiteNoise, the properties of an activity can be different in each child scenario, but as soon as you change any property of an activity, for example the plant involved or the % on-times, it will lose any further inheritance from its parent.  Thus, if you add an extra item of plant in the parent, this will not be carried down to the child once inheritance has been broken: moreover it is not possible to restore the inheritance once it has been broken.

However the advantage of changing the properties of an activity in the activity manager is that the change will automatically be conveyed to all the workings that use that activity (in the current scenario), so you do not have to worry that you have loaded all the tiles, for example.

On the other hand, if you make the change in, say % on-time or speed, at the working location(s), you can always set the value back to the default (i.e. the value set in the activity manager).  You can, of course, select all the locations using a given activity by clicking the button in the Activity Manager, and then edit all these locations at once.  So is this the best option? Not necessarily: you have to make sure that all the affected tiles have been loaded, and you also have to make sure that the activity has been allocated to all the workings you wish to change.  If you add the activity to another location, it will be given the default value (the value current in the Activity Manager).

The original purpose of allowing activity properties to change at each working location was to allow properties like plant speed to vary along a haul route: the assumption was that you would edit the non-location specific properties in the activity manager, and this is probably the best way of using these tools. But unfortunately, there is no indicator in the NoiseMap (up to version 5.1.5) to show the root scenario of activities, nor when inheritance has been broken.