Author Topic: How can I get high-quality large-size contour maps out of NoiseMap?  (Read 1913 times)


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An early topic on this forum describes the options for map output, but here I'm assuming that you want high-quality maps of large areas.

NoiseMap has the ability to 'print' scaled maps to any Windows-enabled graphics device. But, except for public display, large paper maps are cumbersome to handle, expensive to transport and a problem to store.

I recommend that you 'print' your maps in PDF format.  These are easy to handle, transport and store electronically and can be easily viewed on-screen.
NoiseMap prints maps in vector format. Each object drawn as a series of outlines, filled with colour as required.  This means that you can view them in any PDF reader and scale them to any size without loss of quality.

For example, I have output a noise map of an area of 12 square kilometers at 1:2500 scale on a 'virtual' page which is 1m by 1.5 m in size. It fills my screen at 20 %, but the houses are no larger than a pinhead.  If I zoom in to 400 %, the houses are postage stamp size and razor-sharp.  I can clearly read the all receiver and contour noise levels as if I was viewing them directly on the noise model - because they are re-drawn at this scale, not enlarged from the smaller scale.  Not only that, the file size is very modest - about 10 MB. The file size of a jpeg  1m by 1.5 m at this resolution would be astronomical. This is the beauty of vector graphics!

You create the output using the PRINT function of the NoiseMap file menu. But firstly, you need to set up a 'pdf printer' to do this. There are a number of ways of installing a PDF printer.  If you have Adobe Acrobat Standard, then this will have set up a printer for you, called something like 'Adobe PDF'. As you can imagine, this is reasonably expensive to buy. A less-expensive system is Win2PDF which works well with NoiseMap, and no doubt there are other cheap or even free systems.  You can usually decide to print to one of the standard paper sizes like A4, A3 or A2, or you can choose a your own print size.

I'm absolutely sure that you will find such a system convenient, productive and impressive to your clients.
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