Author Topic: I am used to classic SiteNoise, please help with NoiseMap five  (Read 1457 times)


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Many users have produced 'macros' that help them to create construction noise models, so worry that NoiseMap five will be inconvenient.

Firstly, let's remember that NoiseMap five can read classic SiteNoise files and produce a model from them. So anything you could do in classic SiteNoise YOU CAN STILL DO it!

Just go to File>Import Scheme and the import file dialog will open. you can import a MasterFile (*.mas) or by selecting 'All files' from the drop-down you can import any other noisemap file, like sources, contours, barriers, receivers.    If you are going to do this, it is probably best to start with a brand-new empty database file. You can import into an existing one but NM5 then has to add the new items to the existing ones. This can be fiddly if, for example, the same ID number is used in both places.  NM5 has been designed to help with this, but since it is so easy to set up a new local database file, it is better if you can start with a fresh one.

Another concern is handling the output. You can do a classic 'Calculate>All receivers' calculation and this will produce the 'classic' output. But it can also produce the 'calculation breakdown' (all the various corrections) as a CSV file that you can easily load into Excel.

We think that it is fiddly to construct the classic 'mnemonic' file structure that classic SiteNoise uses. So, we have provided spreadsheet-type input for all the plant and activity data required by NM5.  We think this is easier to understand and to prepare, so we encourage you to look at the context-sensitive help on how to use these. Other advantages include better handling of duplicate or missing entries, and multiple plant being used in an activity (which classic SiteNoise can't do).  The spreadsheet lets you assign the activities to multiple working locations at the same time - reducing the number of steps in making the model.

If you are having difficulty, please email us and we will do our best to help.