Author Topic: My licence says it has expired  (Read 982 times)


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My licence says it has expired
« on: October 15, 2018, 11:45:59 AM »
There are two parts to a NoiseMap licence - the main licence that allows you to use NoiseMap, and the maintenance section that allows you to receive support and updates.  When you have a permanent licence (actually a 50-year licence) we still set it to expire after five years, but we renew it free of charge when it expires.  This is just in case you lose the dongle or it is stolen.  We don't want someone else to have continuous use of NoiseMap. 

The second part is the maintenance.  This is a valuable service that gives you updates and technical support.,  It is particularly important when you first buy a licence.  Firstly because we don't want you to delay buying a licence in case there is an update 'just around the corner', and secondly new users may be the greatest beneficiaries from technical support. 

However, we have a policy of issuing worthwhile updates about once a year, and sometimes interim updates more frequently.  So if you would like to receive updates and support continuously, it is worth renewing your maintenance annually.  Maintenance generally costs about 20 % of the as-new price, so this means that you get continuous updates and support for the same price as buying a new licence every five years. 

You will get a reminder of the expiry of your main licence from about one month prior to expiry.  This is generated from within the software, so you won't get a reminder if you don't run NoiseMap.  However, the licence status is always given on the Output Screen when you start NoiseMap, so if you don't use it continually, it might be an idea to make a note in your calendar.

If you are on an annual licence, it is a similar situation. 

NoiseMap five licences can be renewed by issuing you with an activation code.  Just email us and we will deal with it.
NoiseMap Enterprise licences can also be renewed remotely, although this needs us to send you a 'Dongle Recovery File'.  Again, please email us and we will be glad to help.

You will get a similar reminder about maintenance, although if it does expire, NoiseMap will continue to run: you just won't get any further updates or email support.

We don't usually issue emails about new releases of NoiseMap.  However, you can always check by starting NoiseMap and going to Help>Check licence status if you are running NoiseMap five.

If you are running NoiseMap Enterprise, then log into our website and check the News section for announcements.

In fact, the website has a great deal of information on updates to NoiseMap five as well.  Sometimes, the significance of updates may not be obvious and it is well worth looking at the News announcements in particular as these might highlight something that is important to you.  Recently, these have included enhancements to the scripting functions: not something that everyone uses, but if you are engaged in some of the huge projects currently being undertaken, you could find these very helpful.