Author Topic: Can I calculate both road and rail contributions in the same noise model?  (Read 620 times)


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I am concerned about this because the road segments cross the rail tracks, so I need them to be in a single model.
a.   You can include all the various types of noise source (road, rail, construction, etc)  in a single model but you have to calculate each source separately.  Any road segments are ignored in a rail calculation, and any rail track segments are ignored in a road calculation. All the other topographical elements (buildings, ground topography, barriers, etc) are common to all calculations.  A particular issue for road and rail is that they use different calculation indexes, but a standardised conversion lets you get from LA10 to LAeq.
b.   Once you have done the calculations, you can use the Results Processor to add the contributions together either for individual receivers or for contours.
c.      The Results Processor Guide explains how to combine the results from separate calculations.