Author Topic: My model has got extremely large. How can I reclaim unused space?  (Read 551 times)


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I made a lot of intermediate calculations which took up a huge amount of disk space.  Since I did not need them, I deleted these calculations.  I ran the database optimisation but this did not recover any space. How can I reduce the model to a sensible size before I take the project forward?

There is a neat possible solution but you can’t export a complete scenario tree.

You can export a single scenario using file>export archive. Select NoiseMap archive (.nma)
  • This will export the plant, activities, geography, receivers (but not the results) for a single scenario, but this might be enough.
  • Then start a new model and ‘import archive’.  This will recreate the scenario but without the dross. 
  • Don’t forget to commit changes, preferably to a new scenario.
  • I tried this with your test model and it drops to about one-tenth of the size.
  • Of course, I haven’t checked whether there is important information missing, other than the scenario tree.
But at first glance it seems fine.  And it’s very quick to do.