Author Topic: Can I model the roofline of buildings?  (Read 1471 times)


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Can I model the roofline of buildings?
« on: July 07, 2016, 11:56:36 AM »
Yes, you can model the roofline of buildings, but it tends to be a manual process.

We understand that you have OS MasterMap, which has the outlines of buildings.  You also have architectural drawings showing the roofline although the roof heights are not available in digital format.

You have already imported the building outlines from MasterMap, but your client is not happy to have the buildings represented as rectangular blocks. 

Two  approaches are:

(1)   Model the roofline of each building using Noise Barrier objects.

Having got the building outlines on-screen, I suggest that you then switch to the ‘add barrier’ mode and trace round the outline of each building, clicking at the eaves and the ridge of the roof, so you can put in the relevant height (NoiseMap lets you have sloping barriers).

As an alternative,
(2)   put the height of the building as the eaves height and then just add barriers along the ridge lines,

This would be less work and would give you much the same amount of screening.  (Remember that CRTN only uses the screening effect of the most effective barrier in combination with the second most effective barrier, and other barriers are ignored.)

You can check what you have done using the 3-d viewer, but remember that barriers are shown as thin vertical panels rather than solid objects, as this is how they are treated in the noise analysis.