Author Topic: How do I add AddressPoint data?  (Read 1696 times)


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How do I add AddressPoint data?
« on: August 07, 2017, 06:40:55 PM »
AddressPoint is a database that contains the address of every habitable building in the UK.  The address usually includes the map co-ordinates of the building, its house number or name, the road name, the town name and the post code.  There may be other information too.  It is usually available to local authorities as licensed users, and they can usually make this available to noise mappers as part of a specific project. 

Its main use in NoiseMap is to assign addresses to automatically generated receiver points. You should obtain the data as a shapefile.  This will contain the information listed above.  For use in NoiseMap, you need to ensure that the house number is stored as a string (i.e. the actual characters of the number), rather than as a numerical value.  If it is stored as a numerical value, you will not be able to import it.

You load the address shapefile and then go to the shapefile column mapping step.  Probably each element of the address (number, name, street, etc) are stored in separate columns of the shapefile.  Select all the elements of the address one at a time and map each of them to the All Objects 'Description' column.  This will join them into one long string. Thus, if the columns contain: number=35, road=High Street, town=Barchester, post code=AB1 5TU, this will create an object with the description 35, High Street, Barchester, AB1 5TU.

You must now convert the shapefile into NoiseMap AddressPoint objects.  Select convert to object type = outline, and then select sub-type AddressPoint. The complete the conversion step.  You will now see a AddressPoint Marker in each habitable building (make sure you have set the Display options to show the AddressPoints). These will now be available for labelling any receiver points that you generate around the building.