Author Topic: Shortcut keys give access to many NoiseMap functions  (Read 1230 times)


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Shortcut keys give access to many NoiseMap functions
« on: May 22, 2018, 11:40:08 AM »
We have taken the view that the toolbar should be used mainly for buttons that give some feedback to users, such as whether you are in Select or Move mode, or whether a Shapefile is loaded.
A few other very common functions are also accessible from the toolbar.

To show every function on the toolbar, we would need to use something like the Ribbon system adopted by Microsoft.  Whilst you don't need to use the menus, it is quite often difficult and slow to find the function you require.

Instead we have adopted the Shortcut key system.  We have given shortcut keys to all the commonly-used functions and have done our best to make them reasonably meaningful or consistent with their uses in other Windows applications.  For example:
Ctrl+W = open database previeWer
Ctrl+S = commit (Save) changes
Ctrl+A = Add new object
Ctrl+C = Copy view to clipboard
Ctrl+D = convert Dxf/Shapefile selection to NoiseMap object
F2 = Display options
F4 = Show properties window
F5 = Show Results/Log window
F6 = Traffic flow manager
Ctrl+F2 = View as colour
Ctrl+F5 = Load Receiver Results
Shift+F5 = Receiver display parameters
Ctrl+Shift+X = Draw cross-section

See chapter 22 of the manual for a full list - all shortcut keys are also shown alongside the items in the NoiseMap menu.